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10% of the store benefits (with permission) Organización Latina Trans en Texas - providing direct aid to trans people, including access to gender-affirming care

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”Secret Getaway” is a song about the joys of gay sex, a romantic, shimmery, euphoric song for your sultry, humid, late Summer evenings, a song to help folks cool down and close out the hottest summer on record, a song your [South Asian] parents will love minus the part about fucking in the Taj Mahal 🤭😏- written + produced + performed by DaddyPrincess (aka Uliya)
- guitar by Frankie Desvelado
- mixed + mastered by John Allen Stephens at Third Coast Recording Co

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DaddyPrincess is the vibrant, sensual and evocative alt pop project of Houston-based, Uliya (they/them). Expressive vocals, imagery-rich lyrics, sound experimentation, personal style, visuals, digital and physical stages are playfully honed to build worlds that are escapist yet introspective, sensual yet guarded, resolved yet imperfect, mournful yet effervescent, homomelancholic yet homoeuphoric - catharsis in progress.

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